Whoops! Looks like I’m getting into that old habit again of not blogging for days on end. I should be more diligent about consistency, so I’m going to try my best to do that. Not only does it keep me much more grounded, but it also allows me to more precisely document my journey through […]

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Day 3

Sheets of rain swept across my backyard as the wind pushed around the trees with abandon. I, of course, wrapped myself in my comforter and only briefly left the warmth, during the morning, to make a cup of pumpkin spice coffee. It was the perfect, lazy morning, with the temperature dropping to a cold 50 degrees, […]

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Day 1

I had the idea to start a blog a few days ago, after I found myself spontaneously bursting into tears as I grabbed the car keys off the hook in the kitchen. I’ve recently began to gradually accept that something is wrong; I shouldn’t be randomly crying every other day. My recent google search history holds […]

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